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AHC - Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package

AHCLSC302 Construct landscape features using concrete

AHCSOL303 Implement soil improvements for garden and turf areas

AHCPCM302 Provide information on plants and their culture

AHCLSC306 Implement a paving project

AHCLSC305 Construct stone structures and features

AHCCHM306 Prepare and apply chemicals for hand held application equipment

AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases

AHCDRG301 Install drainage systems

AHCBAC302 Establish pastures and crops for livestock production

AHCAGB505 Develop a whole farm plan

AHCPGD305 Conduct operational inspection of park facilities

AHCMOM302 Perform machinery maintenance

AHCWRK311 Conduct site inspections

AHCWHS301 Contribute to work health and safety processes

AHCPGD301 Implement a plant establishment program

AHCLSC307 Implement a retaining wall project

AHCLSC301 Set out site for construction works

AHCLSC303 Construct brick and block structures and features

AHCINF302 Plan and construct an electric fence

AHCAGB402 Analyse and interpret production data

AHCIRG334 Operate and maintain gravity fed irrigation systems

AHCLSK311 Implement feeding plans for livestock

AHCBAC307 Maintain agricultural crops

AHCLSK309 Implement animal health control programs

AHCLSC304 Erect timber structures and features

AHCLSK305 Maintain livestock water supplies

AHCLSK404 Implement and monitor animal welfare programs

AHCMOM402 Supervise maintenance of property, machinery and equipment

AHCLSK401 Develop feeding plans for a production system

AHCARB301 Implement a tree maintenance program

AHCLSK409 Supervise animal health programs

AHCBAC301 Conserve forage

AHCWRK302 Monitor weather conditions

AHCWRK401 Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures

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